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Dr. Karin Connor

Dr. Karin Connor grew up locally in Livermore. From a young age she knew she wanted to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps to become a veterinarian. After doing undergraduate work at UC Berkeley including a year abroad in Scotland, she was offered a position at the University of Glasgow Veterinary School in Glasgow, Scotland. She graduated in 2007 and moved back to California to practice. She worked as a general practitioner for 14 years before deciding to help pets and their families with end of life care.

Dr Connor has had to say goodbye to several beloved pets during her time as a veterinarian. Chloe, a 17 year old siamese who traveled back from Scotland, and Mackintosh, a feisty little maltese mix. As family pets she was able to perform their euthinasias at home where they felt safe and warm and family members were able to have more privacy than in a clinic setting.

Helping pets and their owners during one of the hardest times in their life became a clear priority for Dr Connor. Joining Restful Paws allows her to offer the same level of peace to pets and their families that she was able to offer for her own pets in their final moments

Dr. Karin Connor and her dog