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Dr. Jeni Goedken

“Dr. Jeni” was born and raised in the Chicago area. She attended the University of Illinois and graduated from their veterinary school in 2005. She has worked in a variety of settings as a veterinarian, including general practice and for the California Veterinary Medical Board.

When it was time for her beloved cat Bogie to gain his angel wings, she knew he would be terrified in the carrier, car, and clinic. Dr. Jeni realized that home was where his life was and his love lived. She let him transition with as many treats as he wanted in the comfort of home while she and her family showered him with love and gratitude.

The experience of creating Bogie’s final good-bye free from pain and anxiety changed the way Dr. Jeni practiced medicine. She feels it is an honor to create a peaceful and comfortable final memory at home for pets and the people that love them.

Dr. Jeni Goedken